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Monday, March 12, 2012

WTF Crafting: "Sunglasses"

I am not insentitive to the fact that there are many different levels of crafting. Not eveyone is capable of knitting, or crocheting. Not everyone can be a talented painter, leather tooler, scuplter, weaver, under water metal bender, or what have ya.

And that's okay, because glue was invented.

Below is an Etsy Treasury I put together useing the search term "sunglasses".

'Can't See A Thing' by AnOptimisticCynic

Lady Gaga/The Fame Insp...
Grey Horses Fantasy Sun...
EYE see you Sunglasses
Frosted Sunglasses with...
Swarovski Crystal Harem...
Boss sunglasses
Emmanuel Vaughn's Z...
Black & White Zombie Mu...
Bear Fight Sunglasses
Retro Sunglasses Pop Ar...
Adorable "Call Me&...
Psychedelic Bat Sunglas...
Unforgettable Bridal Su...
Pink Lady Gaga Rhinesto...
Freedom at Last Black n...

Some math I learned today:

Rhinestones + Glue + Sunglasses = OMG YOU LOOK JUST LIKE LADY GAGA

Horses + Glue + Sunglasses = YAY HORSE FANTASY

Feathers + Bird + Glue + Sunglasses = CONGRATS ON YOUR WEDDING

Zippers + Glue + Sunglasses = YOU ARE WEARING ZIPPERS ON YOUR FACE
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Shops to SQUEE over: sleepybowie

Last Chistmas, I wanted to give my sister a unique gift, encompassing her interests. Two of which happen to be Philip Seymour Hoffman, and humbolt squids.











I can't really recall how I found the shop sleepybowie, and that's probably because it blew my freaking mind.

These human-animal hybrids are melded by artist  Jessie Bowie. While Philip Squidmore Hoffman was a custom order, if you're looking for a velocirapter on a classic pin-up's body, he's your man. Need a special gift for a music fan? Check out  his Prince or Tom Waits.  
And who doesn't love Cookie Monster???

Artist statement: "I like to imagine where my paintings end up and it's exciting to think that someone was confused at a dinner party because of me. I think that's the essence of life. Confusing guests."

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