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Monday, January 2, 2012

WTF Crafting: Plarn

Save those shopping bags! Thousands of them. Because that’s how many you’re going to need to make that new area rug/basket/ugly ass bag/coaster set/potholder.


 Also, keep in mind that plastic melts, or you’ll end up scraping stubborn bits of plastic off the bottom of your hot coffee mug, or that pot you absentmindedly used the - uh - pot holder for. So once you have enough bags to warrant a Hoarders-style intervention, you cut the bags into strips, and you link the strips together, and about a week later, you have yourself a bowling ball of plastic that will wear your hands out after ten minutes of trying to crochet anything with it.

A tragic plarn side effect. 

 Then you put it away on shelf in the closet, find it three years later when you move, and quietly throw the catastrophe away, trying to forget about the hours lost gathering, cleaning, cutting, and linking millions of plastic strips together. But at least you found that 10mm hook you’d thought you lost.
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  1. Free yarn at my house. Mostly from dead little polyesters, but they were free range.

  2. I'm glad the polyesters were ethically treated. It makes for happier yarn.