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Monday, January 16, 2012

WTF Crafting: Awful Upcycled Clothing

Upcycled Clothing is Frankensteined bits and pieces of old clothing made into a new garment. Or "garment". There's a lot of really cool upcycled clothing out there to be had.

But sometimes this happens.

Shirtpants are sooooo hawt right now, you guys.

*rubs eyes*



I’ve never claimed to be some kind of fashion guru, but I’m pretty sure a hoodie is not pants.
I am about 97% sure that a hoodie is NOT pants. 

This is a great outfit for the adventurous cat lady trying to be left the hell alone at the supermarket, or for getting away with talking to yourself out loud at the movies.

 I'm... I'm just so confused.

Hey, where'd my shirt go? Oh, it's right on my shirt, with my shirts.

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