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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Its almost the new year, so here's some pics of Thanksgiving...

I'm wayyyyyyy behind on this blogging thing. It's not on purpose, this season was way busier than I anticipated, which is a good thing, but JEEZ. I mean to post this two months ago. See I like to type these things out first and then edit them and get my pics together and blah blah blah, what real good is a process of shit never gets done.

So I'm starting the new year right, and finally posting this entry that I meant to post a while to begin with.... Last year we had a Porksgiving day feast. This year we were tired, and the weather’s been kinda crappy, so we went the low-key route with a partial turkey, simple sides, mimosas, and a crock pot full of cider-wine.

Most important part of the meal.

Josh made a garlic honey glaze, it turned out awesome. I also made beans with heavy cream and bacon. Give me any veggie and I can make it as unhealthy as possible. Also, we had a guy living on our couch at that time. His name is Bret and he does things like dishes and is an all around swell guy. He made stuffing, and I ate about half the pan all my myself. There was also bacon in the stuffing, because bacon makes everything awesome

What the fridge looks like in preparation for T-day.

Note to self: Do not set crock pot on stove - plastic dial will melt. Also saw the new Muppet movie for the second time. Manhattan Melodies will always be my fav, but this movie is wonderful in it’s own right. If you’re a Jim Henson fan, bring some kleenex, ’cause you’re gonna get weepy.

Me, watching the Muppet Movie.

Also, I decided to really get dressed up this year.

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