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Friday, November 4, 2011

WFT Crafting: Crochet Bathing Suits

"Nanna's table runner is gonna look totally hot at the beach."

Okay. Yeah. I did it. So what? I am a yarn addict. I can admit that. I’ll crochet anything. It doesn’t matter how stupid or impractical the thing is, when I have an idea to make something, it’s gonna get made.

Mine was a bikini made out of merino, which is a wool blend, for you civilians out there. It was purple and blue and I gave it shell edging (BECAUSE IT’S A BEACH, GET IT???).

A merino sheep. Clearly a beach animal.

It wasn’t waterproof, obviously, and there was no stretch to the fabric, which are only the top two things you need for a bathing suit.

I wore it once, to the beach, and then decided to retire what I now refer to as the “ass sweater”.

I still wear the top sometimes. You know, on those days when I want to keep Just my breasts really, really warm.
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