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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Seeds

You need: a largish pumpkin, 2 tbs butter, half tsp each of sea salt, paprika, cheyanne pepper, and black pepper.

Preheat oven to 300. Melt butter. Toss seeds in butter, add seasonings... I usually add a bit more salt too. Spread onto baking sheet. Cook for 20 min. Stir em up. Roast for another 25 min or until light brown.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Check Your Apples For Razorblades!

It's that time of year again! Do you know your costume yet? I have one planned, but I'm still trying to gather the pieces. I like oddball and/or creepy costumes. Slutty chicks in kitty ears are okay, but there needs to be some variety.

Just call me variety.

One classic year I made a dress out of sponges - I went as Self-Absorbed. (It rained that night. The sponge-dress got heavy)

Another year I did like a 'half man, half woman' kinda thing, and wore a slip with the words "Freudian" on it in sharpie.

For a low key event on Halloween one year, I put on a pink dress and tied a shoe to my head.... that's right. I was chewed gum.

I've also been a wind up doll with a turnable wind up crank and peeling face paint.

This is Cheetara, from last year.

This is me as Jackie O, right after the shots were fired... That thing in my hand is part of  head that we, of course, just happened to have laying around the house.

The two reactions I got, almost accross the board that night were,

A: people that had no idea what I was supposed to be, and

B: people that found this costume extremely tasteless.




Well  I  thought it was funny....


this pic isn't from a Halloween.

This is what happens when you date a make up effects artist.

I posted pics of this one in an earlier post, but here's another.
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Comic Con 2011, A Vixen's View

Pics from New York Comic 2011. I went representin' evil as Bitter Evil with the 
Vixens of Virtue Vixens of Vice , look for me in Season 2 on Amazon soon....

It's bigger on the inside.

Sally didn't wave, but I assumed it was because her hand needed sewing.

The Fett! This picture was captured 2 seconds before he fell into This...

toothy vagina. 

And speaking of toothy vaginas (Who said that? What does that even mean?), this is me, representin' at the Vixens booth. 

Daeneryes and Khal Drogho. I was really proud of myself for recognizing them because I never watched the series, and read the book a while ago now... Love the heart!

When he walked away he told me to "Eat your Wheaties! For JUSTICE!"

A Dalek holding... paint samples? Phone cards? Yeah, I'm just gonna say phone cards.

An Umbrella umbrella.

Ugly Doll parade.



This banana was sooo over it.

A shy Princess Lumpy.

I was a chubby lady hidin' in the bushes!

Awesome Dalek and Tardis dresses, so cute.

I squeeled with gleely joy when I saw these guys!

Darth, swangin' his saber.

So... many... skulls...

Bork bork bork!


Swung over the swing-set bar.

This led to a discussion about how Urkle was a terrible choice for his voice in the animated series. 

Me with the love of my life. Also, this is totally how we normally look.

My Fav pic of the weekend.

More pics soon...
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

NYCC 2011 - Gettin' Pumped

Hey. C'mere.



Okay, too close.

Going to the New York Comic Con this weekend? I'll be there as Bitter Evil, chillin' with the Vixens of Virtue Vixens of Vice.

Come get yer dose of evil. Ninjas, robots, poisons, lazer guns, ice and fire powers, and purdy gals kicking some ass.


The cast of season 2.  Good and evil facing off.

Cuz dat's how we role.

Stop by the booth and pick up your copy of season one, and the brand-spankin' new season two!
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Friday, October 7, 2011

Having A Ball

Crocheted scrotom, balls, nutsack - whatever term makes you giggle the most.

These are the actual testicles, ie: what they look like all tucked away inside their sack.

I made them blue 'cuz I'm funny.
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