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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adventures in Crock Potting

I love my crock pot. I love meat. Combine the two and good things happen. Cooking in a slow cooker always feels like an experiment to me.I pretty much just throw stuff in the pot and if it smells tasty, I consider it a success. The fact that I have to just leave it the hell alone for HOURS just kills me though. I just wanna see what it's Doing in there! I mean, I know it's not doing Anything... but I just wanna see! This is just one way in which I am still a small child. One that likes Dominican beer in her bottles.

So today I attempted pulled pork. Mixed up some spices, apple cider vinegar, ketchup, brown sugar, poured it over some pork shoulder. Four hours later the apartment smells fan-freaking-tastic, and the pork tastes totally bitchin'*. Success!

I also have organs strewn around the living room. Couple of female reproductive systems (or lady parts, as I call 'em) sitting in a row on my coffee table, waiting for me to sew some ovaries into fallopian tubes. There's also remnants of zombies laying around -teeth on the table, a face in a bag, specks of blood here and there.

Just the usual really.

*When I edited this post, I realized that I'd forgotten the words "and the pork" in this sentence. So it said "Four hours later the apartment smells fan-freaking-tastic, tastes totally bitchin'." I almost choked on my pork (heh) I was laughing so hard. In short, I have not eaten my apartment, but when i do I will need lots on ketchup.

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