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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Body Part Recipiant - Be My Valentine?

Valentine's Day. I'm really all about the chocolate here. I don't really care about the flowers or the card or a cute little stuffed animal (a heart on the other hand...), I just want that box of chocolates, and whatever boxes I can grab on discount the day after.

Here's a lovely note of thanks I received from Christy, who gave a heart to her lucky Valentine...

"Hey Sarah,

I'm mailing my heart to my boyfriend at his work on Valentine's Day. It's a great token of my love that he can keep at work and not get teased by his co-workers. Soo much better than some stupid bear!


Christy is correct. Giving bears is stupid. No guy wants a bear. But a gross blood pumpin' heart? It's a symbol of affection a manly man can be proud of.

Thanks again Christy, for the note and pic!
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