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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Freaking Christmas.

This years holiday has been full or orders to fill. Yay! I've crocheted my little fingies to the bone in an effort to get all the orders out in time for the 25th, leaving my own projects at the wayside for the moment. The question I keep getting asked over and over again is "Who buys these things?", and I have to answer,
"I honestly don't know."

I've started asking buyers to kindly send me a pic when they have the chance, with them and their new body part of choice, doing whatever it is they bought it for. I plan on posting the results of this experiment after the new year. So you have that to look forward too.

Between the day job, crocheting orders, going on randomly dispersed auditions, and holiday shopping, finding time to decorate for the holidays has been a challenge. The tree is up, and we eventually did decorate it with more than just a card and the pieces of popcorn I refrained from eating long enough to stick on a string. So that's somethin'. I decided to multi-task while showing, using the soap crayons to create a more festive bathing atmosphere.

I felt it was important that a variety of faiths be represented on my bathroom walls. I have pictured here the prerequisite Christmas tree (of course), a Yule log for the pagans, a menorah or the Jews, and I couldn't remember what the symbol for Kwanzaa was, so I just drew a friendly black man. Later I remembered they have their own multi-colored candle menorah, but I stand my my original representation. I also added a string of lights along the top.

We have, of course, showered since, and the tiled walls are now a festive murky brown.
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  1. We had bath crayons for our kids and the color never came off completely. Pseudo clean kids had faded colorful scribble til the next bath.