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Friday, October 29, 2010

You wanna toe? I can get you a toe...or a brain. Or lungs....with nailpolish!

Love love LOVE The Big Lebowski, so this is my tribute. Be an achiever, and go get your very own!

Also, I've been getting requests for more variety in the crocheted organ department, and I have listened to you people and been crocheting my little fingies to the bone. The brain and lungs have officially been added to An Optimistic Cynic's collection. Yay!

Thinking of doing a stomach next, perhaps a liver.... ooOOooo also filling a special request for a heart pillow... pics to come.

AND it's Halloween time! Getting in the spirit, we started this week shooting an awesome horror film trailer in a creepy old animal hospital. I was dragged down a ten foot hallway by a tentacle! WOOOO!

For Halloween I was feelin' all retro this year, and have decided to go as Cheetara, from The Thundercats, obv. More on that and Halloweens of previous years to follow. Hopefully BEFORE Halloween, but I've got lots to crochet this weekend, so no solid promises here.
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