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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 and The What?!

Glam!Smash Productions presents THE WHAT?! That's me as Nurse Rose in the Orange sweater. Josh did special effects and make up. I was dragged by a tentacle!

It was the perfect prelude to Halloween weekend. Here you see the mighty Cheetara about to lay the smackdown, suckah! The hell-spawn looking dude is Agnostes, a cenobyte creation from the mind of Clive Barker, incarnated in the flesh by Josh.
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Friday, October 29, 2010

You wanna toe? I can get you a toe...or a brain. Or lungs....with nailpolish!

Love love LOVE The Big Lebowski, so this is my tribute. Be an achiever, and go get your very own!

Also, I've been getting requests for more variety in the crocheted organ department, and I have listened to you people and been crocheting my little fingies to the bone. The brain and lungs have officially been added to An Optimistic Cynic's collection. Yay!

Thinking of doing a stomach next, perhaps a liver.... ooOOooo also filling a special request for a heart pillow... pics to come.

AND it's Halloween time! Getting in the spirit, we started this week shooting an awesome horror film trailer in a creepy old animal hospital. I was dragged down a ten foot hallway by a tentacle! WOOOO!

For Halloween I was feelin' all retro this year, and have decided to go as Cheetara, from The Thundercats, obv. More on that and Halloweens of previous years to follow. Hopefully BEFORE Halloween, but I've got lots to crochet this weekend, so no solid promises here.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

YAARRRR! Thar be tentacles in me Headmeats!

These earrings are sculpted from Fimo clay. I had some old mismatched stud earrings in the bottom of my jewelry box that I did not know existed, and smooshed the clay around them, and proceeded to make them look all tentacaly. I have 3 holes in my right ear (thanks to an evening of boredom, and a sewing needle burnt over a candle), so the earring for that side it made up of 4 pieces to really give my ear that "Hey there's part of a sea creature squirming through your head" look. I know. I'm so vogue.

While there are many many available options in my wardrobe that would perfectly offset the tentacles in my head, I decided that I'd really go all out and continue with the sea theme, crocheting up this rockin' sweater dress. The pattern is actually out of Crochet Nation Stitch and Bitch, with a couple alterations to make up for the fact that I do not have like 7 bucks to spend per skein, so I buy the cheaper, though still wonderful and totally wearable wool/acrylic blend you see here.

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