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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mariachi Soul Coffee

Got up this morning to freakin mariachi music blasting from somewhere out in dim 4am light of the Harlem streets. My upstairs neighbors were hanging out the window screaming, "TURN THAT SHIT OFF! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Normally I would have agreed with that sentiment, but I have to admit, the horns, the latin rhythm, and the incomprehensible Spanish echoing off the buildings kinda woke me up, like coffee for the soul. That and I can't stand my upstairs neighbors, so I giggled at their pissed off protests, and hopped on the train humming along to the 'In The Heights' soundtrack.

I should mention that I'm tweeting again. Username 1OptimistiCynic. I'm educating myself on seemingly nonsensicle phrases like #hashtags, rt@, and twitpix. As a technologically antiquated person in their mid 20s, all I can say is that it makes me feel old and stupid. Remember how we all got along just fine with instant messaging, and an occational e-mail? I think I'm stuck in 1995.
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