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Friday, February 5, 2010

Custom order Scarf

I had the pleasure of doing a custom order for one of the ladies at the dayjob. She wanted a very long cashmier scarf. Cashmier, obviously, is insanely expensive, so I went with a cashmier/fine merino blend. It was quite possibly the most wonderful crochet experiance just for the sake of working with such amazing yarn...and the scarf turned out very lovely. It's very warm, without being heavy or bulky, and at about 7.5 feet in length (6 inches in width) it can be wrapped and wrapped around your neck for the coldest of New York City days.

I'm thinking about officially listing this in the etsy shop (, but the yarn is quite expensive, so the list price would be well beyond anything I'm currently selling.I'm toying with the idea of creating a seperate section in the shop specifically for higher cost custom items... any thoughts/suggestions?
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