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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spring Purse in September

For Christmas each year, my mom renews my subscription for Crochet! magazine. I'm not really too big on useing the patterns as is - they usually get adapted in some way,but I've also found it's a great springboard for coming up with ideas.

In any case, this was one pattern I took almost staight from the pages. I just thought that it was so cute, and I had the yarn picked out and everything as soon as I saw it. I was given a HUGE lot of miscellaneous yarns last Christmas (to go with the magazine, of course), and then bestowed with another HUGE lot curtesy of a very generous co-worker of my mom's who happened to be clearing out her yarn stash.

I have to admit, I'm not that generous. I hoard yarn as if it will be only currency accepted when the apocolapse hits. I use every scrap, I have projects that I plan out, and will think for hours about the fate of each lovely skien. Parting with any one them would be....tramatic.

So I really DO appreciate when I get yarn from those that pass on, and not hoard. It's really the right thing to do, and it's gotta be GREAT for your yarn karma. Yarma.

So this is the purse. I used a type of vintage yarn I'd never heard of before, but from what I can tell it's nylon based. Its has a soft plasticy feel, and I used a comparetively small hook. The stitches worked up so tightly, I didn't need to make a lining.

And the pin? A little vintage piece I inherited when a friend's grandmother passed away....thanks again Brandi :-) It's been sitting in my jewely box for years, so I'm glad it's finally being put to good use.
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