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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Oh man. I had the Makey-Someing-Itch. If I didn't pound out at least one halfway decent project, I might go nuts. I threw myslef into the forgotten depths of my yarn stash and found a wonderful electric blue that I thought went striking against black. Awesome. But what to do with it? I've never been one for making scarves, the novelty wears off after around number 20. Then I found this blog: (or The address is moving soon to wordpress)

Socks! Of course! I'd never made socks. In my entire collection of yarn I have sock yarn, just not in enough quantities to actually make a pair. I grabbed the long forgotten about spool of crochet cotten I'd bought when I was in a doily mood, and made, yes, fishnets. I was so happy with them and smitten with the whole idea of making socks, I made a pair of knee high slipper socks next. I know. Tacky. I love them, and they were really fun to make, so go check out that blog!
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