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Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Project Leads to the Next

I needed a hook case. I mean I NEEDED a hook case. I would find hooks everywhere - the kitchen, under the bed, lost at the bottom of various purses, and once in the bathtub. Still can't figure out that one. So I clicked around on my little magic clicky internet box, and found this one...

I realized that I had the same ugly dollar bin yarn as the one that she made it with, so I thought it would be perfect. Which it is. My version is a bit different, but the basics are the same.

Upon seeing my hook case, my sister's boyfriend asked if I could make something like that, only bigger so it could hold shoes. Dance shoes. Did I mention he's a dancer? He's a dancer.

So I made one. He picked the stripey Red Heart Blue yarn, and I added a strap so the whole thing could be slung over a shoulder for ease of transport, but it could just as easily fit in a backpack. I also added ties to close the contraption, which I figured would be easier to to allow for more or fewer shoes.
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