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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Debbie's Tardis

A good friend of mine had a very special birthday, and I wanted to make her something a 'lil... different.

She's got a thing for Doctor Who (or, more acurately, David Tenet). My boyfriend sculpts - more specifically he does custom action figures, gorely little heads, and pretty much whatever else he feel like making that day. So he decided her was going to make a Debbie Action figure to the same scale as the David Tenet action figure she already owned, and I thought, "Perfect! I'll make them a little Tardis to fly around in!" And I did. I couldn't find a pattern in the size that I wanted, and I wanted one that could open like a box so the figures could actually be put inside. I just kinda fudged and crocheted up some rectangles and squares till I was able to fit it together how I wanted. Not to shabby...

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