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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Oh man. I had the Makey-Someing-Itch. If I didn't pound out at least one halfway decent project, I might go nuts. I threw myslef into the forgotten depths of my yarn stash and found a wonderful electric blue that I thought went striking against black. Awesome. But what to do with it? I've never been one for making scarves, the novelty wears off after around number 20. Then I found this blog: (or The address is moving soon to wordpress)

Socks! Of course! I'd never made socks. In my entire collection of yarn I have sock yarn, just not in enough quantities to actually make a pair. I grabbed the long forgotten about spool of crochet cotten I'd bought when I was in a doily mood, and made, yes, fishnets. I was so happy with them and smitten with the whole idea of making socks, I made a pair of knee high slipper socks next. I know. Tacky. I love them, and they were really fun to make, so go check out that blog!
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One Project Leads to the Next

I needed a hook case. I mean I NEEDED a hook case. I would find hooks everywhere - the kitchen, under the bed, lost at the bottom of various purses, and once in the bathtub. Still can't figure out that one. So I clicked around on my little magic clicky internet box, and found this one...

I realized that I had the same ugly dollar bin yarn as the one that she made it with, so I thought it would be perfect. Which it is. My version is a bit different, but the basics are the same.

Upon seeing my hook case, my sister's boyfriend asked if I could make something like that, only bigger so it could hold shoes. Dance shoes. Did I mention he's a dancer? He's a dancer.

So I made one. He picked the stripey Red Heart Blue yarn, and I added a strap so the whole thing could be slung over a shoulder for ease of transport, but it could just as easily fit in a backpack. I also added ties to close the contraption, which I figured would be easier to to allow for more or fewer shoes.
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Spring Purse in September

For Christmas each year, my mom renews my subscription for Crochet! magazine. I'm not really too big on useing the patterns as is - they usually get adapted in some way,but I've also found it's a great springboard for coming up with ideas.

In any case, this was one pattern I took almost staight from the pages. I just thought that it was so cute, and I had the yarn picked out and everything as soon as I saw it. I was given a HUGE lot of miscellaneous yarns last Christmas (to go with the magazine, of course), and then bestowed with another HUGE lot curtesy of a very generous co-worker of my mom's who happened to be clearing out her yarn stash.

I have to admit, I'm not that generous. I hoard yarn as if it will be only currency accepted when the apocolapse hits. I use every scrap, I have projects that I plan out, and will think for hours about the fate of each lovely skien. Parting with any one them would be....tramatic.

So I really DO appreciate when I get yarn from those that pass on, and not hoard. It's really the right thing to do, and it's gotta be GREAT for your yarn karma. Yarma.

So this is the purse. I used a type of vintage yarn I'd never heard of before, but from what I can tell it's nylon based. Its has a soft plasticy feel, and I used a comparetively small hook. The stitches worked up so tightly, I didn't need to make a lining.

And the pin? A little vintage piece I inherited when a friend's grandmother passed away....thanks again Brandi :-) It's been sitting in my jewely box for years, so I'm glad it's finally being put to good use.
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Debbie's Tardis

A good friend of mine had a very special birthday, and I wanted to make her something a 'lil... different.

She's got a thing for Doctor Who (or, more acurately, David Tenet). My boyfriend sculpts - more specifically he does custom action figures, gorely little heads, and pretty much whatever else he feel like making that day. So he decided her was going to make a Debbie Action figure to the same scale as the David Tenet action figure she already owned, and I thought, "Perfect! I'll make them a little Tardis to fly around in!" And I did. I couldn't find a pattern in the size that I wanted, and I wanted one that could open like a box so the figures could actually be put inside. I just kinda fudged and crocheted up some rectangles and squares till I was able to fit it together how I wanted. Not to shabby...

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This is mew. He is a cute little kitty. Honestly, I'm not a kitty person. I'm a puppy person. But just look at that little face! Cute is cute. I made this little guy for my boyfriend when he moved in, and had to leave his kitties in the care of his parents... it wouldn't have been fair to make them leave their home.

The pattern I used was adapted from the very adorable Beary Jackson Pattern at

On another note, saw Tim Burton's "Coraline", finally, last weekend. Pretty cool, not so much a kid's movie like I was expecting. The part where the kid's face is stapled creeped me the hell out.
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