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Monday, April 20, 2009

Ambulance Dude

I was walking down the street when an ambulance started going off. As the siren is getting closer I hear someone going "WEEEEOOOOOOWEEEEEEOOOOOOOWEEEEEEOOOOOOOO" in time with the siren. Not a crazy lookin' guy either. Just a regular lookin' guy blaring right along with the siren, like he was singing along with the radio. I considered pulling myself over to the curb to get out of his way - but while overall I supposed that was kind of on the low on of the crazy scale, and besides, I was in a hurry anways . . .

Feeling accomplished this Monday morning. Did a little spring cleaning, finished up a couple of projects I was working on, played a little Mario Kart (on Wii), and I even get out of the house for a bit . . . a pretty well balenced weekend overall.

One of the projects I finished was a custom piece for a Mother's Day gift. The pendant is turquise, but I liked it partictularly because it had an interesting blue/green swirly thing goin' on. The circle thingys are shells, they have a mother-of-pearl effect, so they didn't photograph as well as I'd hoped. The chain is one of my favs, I wanted to incorporate the swirlys into the overall design, and I really liked how it worked out. The client wanted the piece to have an Florida Keys kind of feel - something ocean inspired and fun, so I build from there.

As for Mario Kart, I've gotten really good at driving with a squid on my face.

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