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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


And there she sat upon her stool
all heavy and distraught
time passed so slow that it was cruel
her brow furrowed in thought.

When -at last!- the time had come
for her to leave her seat
it made her want to dance and run
with excitment in her feet!

When just as she was going to leave,
you'll never guess what she saw,
a little hippo (this is hard to believe)
with an ice-pack on his jaw!

He had some pliers in his hand
his eyes all filled with tears,
"My tooth, it hurts, you understand,
haven't been to the dentist in years!"

He took my seat upon the stool
and opened his mouth wide,
from his hand I took that tool,
found the bad tooth and pryed.

"Why thank you! I feel much better",
my hippo friend did say.
He tucked the pliers into his sweater
and went quickly on his way.

I stepped oustide into the sun
just waiting for a tan,
becasue all of my work was done
and I'd met a hippo-man!
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  1. I love hippo-man!