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Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Gems" and The Red Dress

So for this blog I plan to post info on what's in my Etsy Shop galleries, as well as fun stuff about what I'm making at the moment,, techniques, and funs stories behind different pieces.

That being said . . . one of my fav pics I've just put up has to be the "Gem" Necklace. The 'chain' is actually thin (I believe 16g?) copper wire that's been crocheted with a tiny hook (a 2.75mm one, to be exact). The 'gems' are acrylic, and therefore, this necklace is very light. It was fun to photograph because it's just one of those pieces that catches the light so well.

And here's how the red dress came to be . . . so my grandma hands me this red, balled up wad of material and says "I got this really ugly dress as Good-Will. Do you want it?" Me being me, I said, "Sure!", probably a bit too enthusiastically. It might have well have been a red and white flowered tent. The neckline have a huge bow-tie thing in the front - which was the first thing to go. I pretty much deconstructed the whole dress, reshaped the 'cut' (not that there really was one to begin with), and tailored it to loosely fit me. The god-awful bow-tie fabric strip I'd cut off became a tie at the waist . . . and there you have it.I really liked the material, and I like the 1940s-ish style the dress has overall, so I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

My mom still says it's ugly :-)
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