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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beachy Cuff and get the Shell out of here . . .

Okay, so the most recent batch of pics I just posted were things I made useing those snazzy shell and stone beads . . . the first one is one I'm calling the Beachy Cuff. I crocheted it in nylon beading thread and made 10 chains of beads to drape accross the front. really like this one . . .very easy to wear, and it really makes me wish summer would just get here already. Also, I use this design alot for cuffs that i make - specifically when i have cool looking beads that I think would be showcased well.

The other one I made was a for fun kinda thing.I had some shell halves, glass beads, and odds and ends of wire, nylon thread, and a bunch more stone and shell beads. After fiddling around with them for an afternoon, I ended up with the Shell Necklace. The hidden glass bead "pearl" inside the shell was the finishing touch for the seashell pendant.
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